Alarm Repair Services.

We do not simply repair your intruder alarm or burglar alarm. In fact there are many more maintenance and alarm repair services we carry out besides your burglar alarm. A passive infrared sensor, for example, is one of our many specialties. The passive infrared sensor (sometimes called PIR sensor) are seen in many restaurants, clubs, bars and even homes. You may have noticed them in your office or in some retail stores. PIR sensors are often positioned high up on a wall or ceiling of premises and you would have noticed a small flashing beam of light occasionally emitting from the small electronic device.

All objects that emit any form of heat and move about (like people) are detected by the sensors on a PIR sensor. These sensors are often located outside in the back or front gardens of many homes and are activated at night. The passive sensors are used to activate a light when it detects movement from a possible intruder or animal moving within its sensory field. We maintain and repair PIR sensors so that its delicate sensor circuits are working properly and not giving false readings.

Alarm Repair.

Magnetic door contacts are used in many offices, blocks of flats and into areas where a cardkey system is required by the premises to prevent outsiders entering a building without the relevant permission or authority. Magnetic door contacts are used on doors that are only unlocked by a PIN number being punched onto a keypad or a cardkey system where a card is shown to a panel that then releases and unlocks the door. The door will then close behind the user and is securely locked until the next authorized person comes along and uses this. This idea prevents vandals or general members of the public from wandering in freely off the street into a block of flats or premises which should only be restricted to residents or authorized personnel. These magnetic door contacts can from time to time malfunction allowing anyone to wander freely in off the street. We repair the door, magnetic door contact and panel that operate this system.

We also replace the batteries in these systems and repair shock sensors, brake glass sensors and infra red beams. The control panels that operate secure systems like the magnetic door contacts are also part of our repair service. Our maintenance and alarm repair services also extend to smoke detection systems and heat detectors.

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