Maintenance Services.

When we visit your premises we will carry out a full maintenance check on your burglar alarm systems. What we do when we maintain your system is make sure the installation is fully functional by checking it conforms to the system record. We will make sure all items and parts are sitting in the correct positions in accordance to the manufacturers specifications. All the sensor covers are cleaned and replaced to allow for a fully functional sensor system.

In passive detection sensors a small sensor detects the sudden change in heat. If a person walks across a room where a PIRsensor is fitted the sensor plate detects the sudden change in temperature which would change from about 18c (64f) to 37c (99f) in a brief moment, and then back again. This motion detection system is measuring the difference between the temperature in the room to the body temperature of the person (or intruder) walking past the sensor. Our repair service makes sure all sensor readers are functioning within the correct parameter and all sensor covers are cleaned or replaced if cracked or split.

 Maintenance services.

All cables and conduits fall into disrepair from time to time. Cables and conduits can lose its support or become damaged. Cables do show signs of wear and tear over time and this result in malfunctioning equipment. Our maintenance services will replace cables and conduits as see fit and repair where possible. Supports and fixings often become loose or corroded; we aim to repair, fix and replace if necessary any physical fittings that are incorrectly or loosely fitted.

We also offer a maintenance services where we fix all flexible connections. These connections are regularly in need of testing and repair as they are vulnerable to malfunction. All terminals and terminal housings are checked and tightened. We also check the electronics of your intruder alarm system by checking the stand by power supply and mains unit, this includes the testing of charging rates by making sure it conforms to a correct and safe rate.

We maintain the control units and make sure the unit conforms to the correct specification and operation. We also check all audible alarm warning systems by a procedure of regular testing and maintenance. Our maintenance service involves a full test of your alarm systems. Any remote signaling equipment is also tested and repaired so that the remote signal works every time.

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