Why should I have the Alarm systems maintained?

Alarm systems maintained.

Our alarm repair service has fixed several alarm systems in the Greater London and Hertfordshire areas. We make sure all customers' log books are up to date and completed with all the repair work that we have carried out. Recently a premise in Watford was found to have a non-functioning remote signaling equipment system. Here we tested the remote signaling equipment with the police control centre and ARC point to reactivate the non-functioning alarm.

An alarm systems maintained it is important as it is not just your security and safety that is at stake. Did you know that both police and insurance companies recommend that all alarm systems should be checked for malfunctioning at least once every year? Many insurance companies who are asked to pay out on insurance following a theft or burglary on your premises will always ask if the alarm system has been repaired and maintained on a regular basis in the past. They may also want to see proof by checking log book and customer records. So have your alarm systems maintained!

Benefits of an alarm systems maintained.

We always complete a customer log book and record every detail of each repair we carry out. Monitored systems should bemaintained even more regularly. In fact we recommend every six months the monitored systems will need a once over by our skilled engineers. If you have an intruder system that is maintained regularly you will find your insurance premiums will go down as a result. In fact, regularly checked alarm systems rarely go wrong and are usually functioning in top condition.

We replace batteries in alarm systems as we find this is a common cause for a system falling into disrepair. We have also repaired tamper circuits on the controlling panel of intruder alarms. We have also repaired several PIR sensor units in premises throughout Greater London. Our maintenance and repair of these units involves. We also run a fault finding service whereby all of our alarm repair services are involve keeping your intruder alarm working in the best condition possible.

Power supplies often malfunction and stop an intruder alarm system from working at all. Sometimes a power supply system fails and stops all the functioning systems within an alarm. Our repair services will fix these power supply units so that you'll have a fully functioning unit once more. We have repaired a number of DualTec sensors, panic buttons and heat detectors also in London.

An alarm systems maintained is really important, so call us now.

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